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Announcing Wireless Internet Service in 50 USA states

If you live in 50 USA states and its surrounding areas, you can finally shed your dial-up connection and step into fast wireless internet with Exede’s new wireless internet system. You’ll have broadband internet level speeds without having to install broadband cable at your home or having to wait until the large cable companies finally put their massive infrastructures in place in your area. Our wireless system is streamlined with minimal equipment and here’s the best part: You get speeds that are 100 times faster than dial-up and enjoy streaming movies, tv shows, real-time gaming and music downloads with absolutely NO DATA CAP. Here’s how it works.

Compact Wireless Internet That’s Handy and Transportable

Wireless internet proves that good things come to those who wait. The Exede wireless internet system does away with bulky installments of heavy stationary equipment that tie you to one location for internet access. Our system functions off wireless cell towers, so provided you’re within the huge cell tower network, you’ll have a wireless internet at broadband speeds. And, you can choose to leave the Exede simple system at your home or office, or, take it with you on the road. It’s portable! The equipment includes a 4-point router with receiver/modem. It has four ports for you to connect up to four different devices at once so that each can go online for a unique purpose. You could check email or read news on a tablet while someone else is transferring files, streaming a movie or sharing photos, while yet someone else is even streaming music or playing real-time games. There’s NO DATA CAP. You can even connect a wireless router into one of the four ports for your own wireless hotspot. The works for home, office, or on the road.

Ready to Upgrade to Wireless Internet?

Step into broadband cable speeds with faster internet and no limits with Exede wireless internet service. Check out your address for coverage to see if you can access the signal. Or you can give us a call now at 1-877-431-8740 and a wireless internet specialist will speak with you and answer any questions you have with thorough, complete and professional answers.

Exede Satellite Option

If you're part of 50 USA states lies outside the cell tower network, then your best option for high speed service is Exede satellite service. Exede’s newest ViaSat-1 satellite is hands-down the most powerful satellite ever launched. You’ll have excellent internet service instantly and will be able to plug in your wireless router for a home network. Call us now at 1-877-431-8740 to find out how Excede wireless internet or satellite internet can get you out of the slow lane and into fast, streaming internet.

Exede Versus Dial Up Internet

If you have dial up internet service, you are no doubt familiar with the constant need to be on a phone line, slow connection speed, disconnecting frequently, and other issues that may arise. These are issues that can be resolved by switching to satellite internet from Exede. Exede uses advanced technology to deliver internet service that is on 100% of the time without using up a phone line. At up to 15 Mbps, Exede has the fastest connection available in most rural areas and can be used for just about any of your internet needs.

$0 Up Front Costs

If you are looking at getting internet service from any other provider in, you no doubt might have to pay for equipment charges. With Exede, no up front charges are required to get going. You pay when your first bill arrives from Exede and don't pay anything before that. Additionally, most minor repairs and troubleshooting services for your internet service are covered by warranty at no extra charge.

How to Get Started With Exede

If you live in the United States and want to get satellite internet service, call us at 877-431-8740 to find out what our current specials are. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Call now to schedule your free installation!