Exede Satellite Internet - How It Works

It can be a challenge to find decent Internet when you live outside the city center, suburbs or even the country. Dial-up and DSL just can't meet your needs and often means slow or no Internet! Exede Satellite Internet is available no matter where you live and is always on, instantly ready.

How does Exede Internet Compare to Other Satellite Internet?

Exede Satellite Internet comes to you through the ViaSat Satellite. It is the world’s most powerful satellite. Exede provides up to 12Mbps download speeds - 4x faster than normal DSL. With the most powerful satellite, Exede provides fast, consistent, reliable Internet. Now you can stream video, shop, pay bills, and browse all your favorite sites with ease.

Pick a plan to fit your needs

Exede offers a variety of data allowance plans so that you only pay for the data you need. Whether your Internet use is occasional, every day, or you are a heavy user, Exede has a perfect plan for you. Some users only need 10 GB/mo. Heavier users can choose up to 25GB/mo. Not sure what you need? Just call our friendly customer service staff to help determine which plan best suits your needs.

Why Get Exede Satellite Internet?

Living on the outskirts of town or way out in the country limits your Internet options. Other providers say you are not included in their service area, but Exede can provide Satellite Internet virtually anywhere you live!

You get reliable, fast Satellite Internet backed up with over 25 years experience in Satellite Internet technology. Exede is always on the job to give you the best experience possible. Every customer has access to our trained technicians 24/7. If we can’t fix it over the phone, we will come to you!

Exede Internet access is fast. Our trained technician will set up everything to your satisfaction. Just call to make an appointment. The technician will bring all the equipment needed, get you set up, and get your service connected. You’ll be browsing the Internet in no time! Standard installation is free in most areas.